LA Style (on1) salsa classes each week at Dancefx Athens $10 Drop-in / No registration required

Want an opportunity to perform? OR, need entertainment at your next event? Check out our Salsa & Bachata performance company!


REVOLUTION Salsa Company is DanceFX's new salsa & bachata performance group. Made up of new and experienced salsa dancers, REVOLUTION offers continued training in salsa and bachata partnerwork, technique, and styling. 

REVOLUTION Fall 2019 auditions will be held on August 20th @ 8:30pm. 

Prospective dancers should be proficient in the basics of LA style (on1) salsa, passionate about dancing, ready to learn, and be available on Tuesdays from 7:30 - 9:30 pm for rehearsal. The performance year and rehearsal schedule runs August - May. For more information about REVOLUTION, call 706.355.3078 or email